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Modprovet är planerat till 2022 16-17 Juli

We are working hard planing modprovet for this year in Ronneby Brunnspark. The biggest dog competiton in its class

We are looking for cooperation partners that will help us and SBK (The Swedish Working Dog Association) to organize the competition.

Welcome to

This is a co-organization by all the dog associations in Blekinge


Hello all dog friends

Our ambition is to gather all Schutzhunds and IGP from Sweden and Europe. All supporters are welcome as guests. We invite you to Ronneby Brunnspark which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Sweden, and will be a fantastic spot for our competition. We will allow for about 100 caravans close by the arena. The spots are open for booking on this website.

Välkomna, önskar Svenska Brukshundklubben - Blekingedistriktet