Kathleen Kums

My name is Kathleen, 49 years old and Mondioring judge since August 2017.

I had the privilege of learning from Jos Helsen and Roger Loonis, who have been active as a Mondioring judge since the “birth” of mondioring and who are some of the founders of the program.

I live in Bree, in the east of Belgium, and I work on the Nato Air Base in Kleine Brogel.

My dog-career started in 1995, in the Belgian Military, were I was a dog training for Protection dogs until 2004.

My first sport-dog was a Boxer, but since 1999, I’m completely in love with the Dutch Shepherd.

With my husband Jean, who unfortunately died november last year, I trained and competed with DS in IPO, Rescue, KNPV, tracking, Belgian Ring and since 2000 Mondioring.

In 2002, I became the first licenced female mondioring decoy in Belgium.

After being a member in Westerlo, we grounded our own mondioring Club in Bree in 2008.

At the moment I compete in Level III, with my DS Pipo.

I hope I can make you a nice and challanging program for you and your dog but above all, I hope we will all have fun on and next to the field.