Nuno Gil Ferreira

I'm a Mondioring Passionate for the last 20 years! Started as a training Decoy, and then move forward to be a competition decoy. After some years, started competition with my own dog, achieving some major milestones: - Winner of Portugal ranking Level 1 and Level 2, also with the conquest of the Portuguese Cup Final. - On Level 1 and 2 World Championship as 4th and 5th place. - Portuguese Champion and Portuguese Cup on Level 3. - The highest conquest as 3rd on the World Championship individual and as Team. As a Judge, I've started in National competitions, following 2 World Championship and a Super Selection. Also judged several competitions and Championship in France, Italy, Sweden, Brasil and Spain. Love sharing the passion about Mondioring in seminars and workshops that already took place in several places in Europe and South America.